No Name Tech Show E008: @NoodleTools and #Facticious #edtech


In this episode of The No Name Tech Show we take a long look at Noodle Tools:

NoodleTools info page on MHS Library website (includes slide presentations)

NoodleTools Quick Guide for Students
NoodleTools Quick Guide for Librarians & Teachers

And also a quick look at Facticious, a website that helps students practice identifying fake news:

The No Name Tech Show: Online Newspaper Resources and a Look At @Google Slides LIVE Captioning #edtech #vted


In this episode of the No Name Tech Show we look at some of the different newspapers that are available to our scholars/educators via online systems and we also take a very quick look at the new live captioning feature of Google Slides that everyone is talking about.

Here are some of the links for newspapers: Online Newspapers

That Time @BonesteelVT Made Me Do a Sub Three Minute Video With Little Warning


Many know the Sub 3 Minute format that I enjoy using to showcase educators in our schools. It’s simple, it’s fun, and I truly believe there’s some value in people knowing us in different ways.  That being said, Superintendent Libby Bonesteel surprised me recently by coming into my office and immediately setting up for a Sub 3 Minute interview with me!  In all truth it was a lot of fun and I’m happy that it happened…minus the wordplay and tricks to mess with me!