New Episode of the No Name #Tech Show: Featuring @SueM_MHS and the Magic of Green Screens! @WeVideo


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Green Screen Kit:

This kit was $200 when I purchased it a few years ago. You can find other highly-rated kits for under $100 by searching for green screen kit. I really recommend getting a kit with at least two lights–they’re essential for helping to remove shadows.
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I Bet You Can’t Do That On a #Chromebook E002: @GoogleEarth and @GoogleMaps @Google @jeffreyjarrad #vted #edtech #chromebookedu

In this episode of I Bet You Can’t Do That on a Chromebook we take a look at something we’ve heard often from devoted desktop people…”you can’t do Google Earth on a Chromebook.” Well…that just isn’t true. In fact, as Jeffrey shows, in many cases it works a smidgen better than the desktop version. Incidentally, we’re taking bets on whether or not Google will announce that they’re no longer supporting the desktop version in the future….just sayin’.

In addition to Google Earth we take a look at all that Google Maps has to offer including Google Treks and Google Tour Builder. Take a look and share your ideas and tips in the comments.

Check Out #therealcarrieblodgett’s Class Performance of What If Everybody Did That #theuesway #uesvt #vted #EllenJavernick @HeratyRyan


A while back I had the chance to learn from Carrie Blodgett’s second grade class about how to do things the UES way…and it was awesome!  This crew of actors and thinkers worked so hard to take the idea of the story they read and translate it to a video.  I’m grateful to have had the chance to be a small part of it.  Great job everybody!

The No Name #Tech Show: E05 Equipment Tour featuring @SueM_MHS and a look at @SutoriApp


In this episode of the No Name Tech Show Sue takes us on a tour of the equipment and tools that are available to our educators and students.

MHS Tech Equipment Download equipment rental form

Mike shares a bit about Sutori a timeline tool that has evolved into more than just timelines!

I also mentioned two other ways to do timelines:

1. Tim O’Leary shared that you can insert Timelines into Google Slides by going to Insert – Diagram

2. EdListen (YouTube) shared a great, in-depth method of timeline production