#Curriculum and #Technology #Vlog E020 6.18.19

Well…it was a blur, that’s what I can say about this day…in a good way. I think this is pretty typical for the end of the year, when you’re trying to get things closed out and starting up all at the same time. The data days we’ve been doing with schools have been really interesting and are all pointing to some pretty intentional curricular work for next year and beyond. The challenge is figuring out the when’s, where’s and how’s…thus my stammering and fatigue! But that’s the fun part, so there you go.

One Principal and Some Guy Book Reviews E015: Blue Planet Run and Bink and Gollie @ricksmolan #katedicamillo @heratyryan #vted #bookreviews

In this episode of One Principal and Some Guy Book Reviews we take a look at Rich Smolan’s Blue Planet Run and Bink and Gollie by Kate DiCamillo. We’ll see y’all in season 2 next year!

#findyourpurpose Early College in #VTED

Early college in Vermont is an amazing opportunity for students to access higher learning while in high school. I recently had the chance to hang out with one of these students as he went about his day. I was blown away by the experience, but mostly by his drive and focus.  It was inspiring.

On a technical note my camera fritz out and the footage of the interview is blurry and the perfectionist in me is having a small fit…but I’ll manage.

#Curriculum and #Technology #Vlog E018 6.11.19

This week is just flying by with moments of absolute and total productivity…followed by moments of trying to get organized to be productive. It’s a thing. The biggest victory for me was getting the consolidated federal grants in good shape for submission. We’re still waiting on our CIP to be approved before we can formally submit; however, we have all the pieces lined up and in place, so that feels amazing! Outside of that we’re in the end of the year sprint and things are piling up fast. I’m just trying to stay organized and focus on being productive vs. busy.

#Curriculum and #Technology #Vlog E017: 6.7.10 @WeVideo

Friday was just a blur. It was a back to back to back to back meeting day. Sometimes those days feel really good, sometimes they’re really good and exhausting…that was Friday. Pretty happy with the progress on the professional development calendar. This was a concept shared via our regional curriculum directors group and it’s just a way of being more intentional about the professional learning of all the different groups within the learning community.