Itching to Get Going with Video-Supported Professional Learning? Me Too! #vted @cvedcesa

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More Fun and More Effective Than a Memo…Just Sayin’ #hackingleadership


Recently our business office has been seizing the opportunity to present information to people in new ways.  The flood of information people deal with today plus the sometimes personally distant methods (emails for example) can sometimes be unsuccessful in communicating and connecting.  These simple, short videos help share the information AND more importantly they help connect a person with a name.  We are humans behind our email addresses after all!

Welcome Aboard! #studentleaders #flexiblepathways

So we’re pretty excited!  We have a student from our high school who reached out to me and asked about doing some video work in the district.  She’s been doing projects with the local community television station for a while and now want’s to bring her talents to help share the stories in our schools!  We’re VERY excited about this!  In this Not-So-Sub-3-Minutes video we just get to know her a little bit more and welcome her to the team!

Winter is Coming: The Winter Classroom #outdooreducation #outdoorlearning #vermont

It was great to get out to UCS and visit with the Nature Cats crew.  They are taking a lot of time to reflect on their experiences in planning, adjusting, and growing with outdoor education.  Their most recent project was to create a second more sheltered classroom area in preparation for the typically very snowy and windy winters that come to UCS!
As winter approaches Nancy, Heather, and the Nature Cats are considering their options for an outdoor learning space. Settling on an area in the woods behind the school they enlist the support and help of UCS families to prepare it! In our continuing series checking in on their planning for outdoor education you’ll see a tour of their new space (not quite finished) and hear them describe some of the thinking and planning involved in the creation of this new space.

Building a Sense of Community In Your School

There are a lot of things schools can (and should) do to build a sense of community, openness, and welcoming.  There are thousands of examples…this is just one.  Each year our schools open their doors to families and invite them in for Thanksgiving lunch.  The tables are decorated with hand drawn and colored table clothes made by students, centerpieces done in classrooms are on each table, the principal of the school is behind the serving table dishing up lunch to parents and students alike, and lots of good food is out for everyone.
Think just for a moment about some of the families that come to this event.  Sure, there are the families that attend most functions and are involved in a lot of school functions and discussions.  But then there’s another set of folks…that look forward to the event every year…that aren’t in the school all the time.  Think about the impact and value this simple event represents for them.  It’s pretty incredible.  Put it on the list of things to do…it’s worth it.