It’s Important to Just Talk #hackingleadership

Last week we hosted our annual Colloquium where we gather our new teachers and their mentors and give everyone a chance to share and reflect upon their learning.  There was no formal agenda, no structured time allotment, just food, a place to sit and a lot of great educators willing to share their journey.
For me, it was a great reminder of the value of giving people time to talk without always focusing on an agenda for every moment.

Curriculum Vlog 004: Something That Rhymes with Ants…#hackingleadership

Well, this would be my fourth week of trying out this vlogging concept and I have to say that I think I’ve finally found a rhythm with it all.  For the moment I plan to continue…and continue to refine as I go.  There are some technical things that I haven’t quite found a way to improve yet, but I’m getting there.  I will say that sitting down at the end of the week and taking a look back has been more helpful than I thought.  I’ve been able to think about things, remember to follow up work and plan better for the next week because of the practice.  Not a bad trade off!

Shameless Self Promotion…But Not Really: Social Media for Teachers Workshop #vted

I’m admittedly bad at this.


I’m facilitating a workshop this June about social media in the classroom.  In all seriousness, one of the reasons I even do these things is to make connections.  I learn as much as anyone in the class…walk away with amazing connections to educators all throughout Vermont (and once or twice beyond).  Connections that I continue beyond the workshop.

You can check out this link to find out more information about registering and all that.  Maybe you know someone that might be interested…send it along to them!

June 28, 2017 @ 9:00 am – 3:30 pm in Colchester, Vermont

You don’t have to be jealous of my #mathiputer…but it’s okay if you are @msjonesyucs

I don’t think there’s any grand philosophical bend to this blog post other than the spring classroom clean out is one of my favorite times of the year.  I’ve found some absolute gems that really just serve to show a little history of education and where we’ve been.  This was no exception.  While hanging out with the fine folks over at Underhill Central School I came upon a spring clean out pile and found this AMAZING example of edtech hanging out.  I snagged that up quick, fast and in a hurry…and truth…absolute truth…my own kid loved the thing.  In any case, it’s a conversation starter at central office and I’m sure we’re going to figure out a way to emphasize it’s amazingness.
For those that care here’s a link to some info

Student Hydroponic Projects Have Grown…A Lot! #hackingleadership

One of the things that I really like to be able to do is follow up on projects with folks.  Back in February I visited a high school class where they were designing hydroponics projects that would live in their school greenhouse area.  I saw a lot of construction process, some seedlings and a whole bunch of energy.  Then today, three months later, I walked into a room FULL of green.  Students were testing soil samples, measuring growth, adding solutions to compensate for the needs of their plants…and it was incredible!
I was talking with one of the educators and we were discussing the multiple levels of learning through projects like this…the transference to different disciplines and “real life” situations.  Many of the students take their learning and extend it at home to their gardens and/or farms.  Just incredible.
I even got a free vegetable to bring home.  So there.

Curriculum Vlog 003: Matching High Priority Items to the Schedule #hackingleadership

This was a BUSY week!  Federal grant window opened Friday afternoon on May 5th and it was like releasing the horses at a race!  Tons of meetings (most of them awesome) and a bunch of great work to be done!  I had to really think about the calendar and adjust a few things.  I don’t like having to put things to the side, but sometimes you have to choose the things that are under a time constraint (federal grants) and go with them…that was my whole week.  Unfortunately, we didn’t know that the grants were going to be able so the week was already packed…even after going through and rescheduling what we could.  I was able to stay afloat but hoping to really hammer work home this coming week.
I think I’m looking at a very similar week ahead so we’ll see how it goes!

And Then The Bike Rack Was Full…

I had the pleasure of starting the morning off at Underhill I.D. School.  They had a grand day full of different themes and celebrations…I coined it the Walk-Bike-Beach-Teacher Appreciation-Bus Driver Appreciation Day.  It doesn’t roll off the tongue but you get the idea.  LOTS of people biking and walking to school, the amazing UID staff monitoring and helping along the way…great start the Friday for sure.