Service Learning Projects for Fourth Graders

In the past year or so, myself and other educators, have been discussing the need for a character development opportunity for elementary students.  The how’s and who’s are still up in the air, but the need is very evident.

The conversation started as we started to identify a segment of our population that didn’t always participate in after school activities such as athletics or the arts.  These are the kids that really would benefit from opportunities that extend and challenge their thinking as well as give them that sense of belonging that we all need.

In response to this conversation I’ve started to look into the possibility of developing service learning group.  Here are some good resources that I’ve spotted as I’ve started to look.  Please feel free to share more resources!

Resource Center

Tools and training for volunteer and service programs

America’s Most Comprehensive Service-Learning Resource







Project Based Learning site:
Service Learning: Education Beyond the Classroom (Guide from the EPA):
Learning In Deed,
Learn and Serve America,
National Service Learning Clearinghouse,

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