“Fair to Everyone” – Teacher Evaluation Paper

Recently stumbled across this paper published by the Education Trust titled Fair to Everyone: Building the Balanced Teacher Evaluations that Educators and Students Deserve from September 2011.  The focus of the document centers on three main concepts:

Sarah Almy, who authored the paper, outlines some examples of teacher supervision gone awry and gives quality quotes and statistics about supervision in schools.  Stats like “59% of teachers say their district is not doing enough to identify, promote, and retain the most effective teachers (Weisberg, Sexton, Mulhern and Keeling)” are powerful when considered in the context of supervision and evaluation.

Almy also provides one of the best definitions and descriptions of Value-Added measurement that I’ve seen in the supervision and evaluation research and conversations.  It’s clear and concise, and most importantly…understandable!

Additional resources mentioned in the article include:

The TRIPOD Survey from Cambridge Education

The Measures of Effective Teaching Project

This is a nice, short quality paper that I’m going to keep on the desk for professional conversations and to get the brain moving.  I recommend popping it into iBooks today.




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