Another One to Throw In Your Professional Library!

The National Education Association recently released Family-School-Community Partnerships 2.0 – Collaborative Strategies to Advance Student Learning (81 Page PDF Here) as part of their Priority Schools Campaign. I’ve tossed it into my iBook library and am slowly chipping away at it.

I try to read as many reports, articles and posts as possible and sincerely enjoy it.  The structure of this particular text is well planned.  The report is broken into three main sections: Community and Family-Community Programs, Programs to Engage Parents and Other Family Members and Wraparound Social and Community Services Programs.

Threaded throughout the report, the NEA team centers on 10 major strategies and approaches to direct school efforts.  The ten strategies are:

  1. Agreeing on core values
  2. Listening to the community
  3. Using data to set priorities and focus
  4. Providing relevant, on-site professional development
  5. Building collaborations with community partners
  6. Using targeted outreach to focus on high needs communities, schools, and students
  7. Building one-to-one relationships between families and educators that are linked to learning
  8. Setting, communicating, and supporting high and rigorous expectations
  9. Addressing cultural differences
  10. Connecting students to the community

Summary of strategies on p. 5 of Family-School-Community Partnerships 2.0 – Collaborative Strategies to Advance Student Learning

This is one worth reading.  Practical strategies are shouldered by clearly researched approaches.  I highly recommend it.


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