Life on the Farm

Relaxation and unplugging from work are not two of my strengths.  I continue to work on it everyday, finding ways to take better care of myself and spend more time with my family.  One of the most surefire ways I’ve found to unplug and relax completely is by helping out with my father in-law’s Tree Farm (  This past week was a serious unplugging trip.  Thanksgiving week is the gear up to the busy Christmas Tree season and so I get to spend a couple of days wearing overalls, using chainsaws, getting seriously odd and dangerous looks whenever I go to tweet or take a photo with my iPhone and generally just enjoying being outside.

Of course all this comes at a price.

Like traveling during the first snow storm of the year and getting lost while a GPS that can’t tell the weather or season tries to send you on every class five road in the state…”recalculating….recalculating”:

Trying to convince someone to buy a tree like this:

“Lots of room for presents…trains?!”  I don’t know how many times I said that without success.


Or having your father in-law tell you that you need to fix the chimney top and that he’s arranged a “safe ladder system” to get you up to the top:


But all this is well worth it for views like this:


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