Frozen Five for 12-4-11

Here it is Sunday already and my daughter has presented me with her weekly challenge, dubbed the Frozen Five.  I need to list five things that I’m energized or excited about for the week ahead.  Here we go:

5. iBlock and Scheduling – We’re going to be starting the second round of our iBlock or intervention block coming up this week.  As we move deeper into RTI implementation and development, we continue to learn more and more about our systems and needs.  This week my focus will be on how to tweak our master schedule and other external influences on our ability to support students (and teachers).  When I get going on scheduling it’s like a scene from A Beautiful Mind…numbers on the chalk board, talking to myself…really looking forward to it!  I have copies of master schedules from other schools that have implemented intervention blocks while still maintaining rich instruction.  It’s going to be a good time!

4. Pajama Day – Our school will be celebrating on Monday with a pajama day! Students and staff wear comfy clothes and take it casual for a bit.  I love when I have meetings scheduled with outside agencies or officials on one of these days.  You can tell it freaks them out!!

3. Reading – I have a lot of things to read and reflect on this week. Not just fodder from blogs and reader accounts, but numbers, studies, etc. having to do with our budget development process, school-wide structures, etc.  It’s going to be a reading heavy week.

2. Digital Signage – We are setting up a digital kiosk in our lobby and I’m excited to see it up and running.  It will play photos of school-wide activities, information about upcoming events, and science related information from the outside world!  I’m geeking out a little about this and hopefully we’ll be able to get that going this week.

1. Spreading the Twitter – I have set a goal to get two colleagues onto Twitter this week.  I know they’ll just love the amount of info and connections they can tap into.  I’ve been slowly wearing them down for the last several weeks, but it will be time to take the leap now!


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