The Frozen Five 12-11-11

As I look forward to the week ahead and think about the things that I’m truly excited about I start to think that this is going to be a pretty great week!

Like clockwork, this morning my daughter asked me for my list of five things that I’m looking forward to this week.  I’m a little worried she’s going to start asking for ten!

5. Holiday Cheer – In a previous post (Tis’ the Season to be Stressed) I talked about the importance of supporting staff, students and family this time of year.  With the holidays can come all sorts of different types of stress, good and bad.  This week I’ll be putting  a lot of focus on fun and high spirits for those around me!  I already feel sorry for my Secret Santa…they might just wind up with a nice, new Twitter account!

4. Holiday Traditions – One of our teams celebrates the holiday season by having students and staff share their family holiday traditions together.  It’s a great way to learn about each other and different cultures and practices.  I’ve been asked to participate this year and have grand plans for a Top Ten Berry Family Holiday Traditions film!  Here’s a small taste:

Number Eight: Family Sledding – Every year I take my daughters sledding on one of the largest sledding hills in the area and every year…well, traditionally, it goes poorly.  That being said, tradition is tradition and we keep on trying!

More traditions to come and they’re all as good as this one!

3. GeoBee – Our school has fourth grade students that participate in the National Geographic GeoBee .  I really enjoy this event and have a good time participating as a judge!  The first rounds start this week and I can’t wait!

2. Holiday Wishes to our Community – Along with number 5, Holiday Cheer, I’ve been thinking about creating a holiday message video from our staff and students to the community.  Inspiration came from this clip:

1. Skating – My daughter and I plan on having a lot of ice time this week!  I can’t wait to skate!


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