The Frozen Five 1-22-12


I’m seriously impressed that my daughter remembers to ask about my Frozen Five (five things I’m looking forward to this week ) every Sunday!  Impressed and a little bit awed!

Number 5: Field Trip –Flynn Center for the Performing Arts

Tomorrow I get to travel with a grade level team on a field trip to the Flynn Theater in Burlington.  There’s more than a couple of reasons I’m excited about this, but one of the biggest is being a part of the learning experience with the students.  It has been a challenge this month to move away from the main office, but I find when I’m able to get in with students, work with teachers and observe/provide feedback I feel really great about my job!

Number 4: 

Image from

I’ll be attending a conference on Teachpoint, a mobile teacher evaluation tool (Overview –  I’ve been working with the eCove tool this year and while impressive, I haven’t been able to thread it into my regular evaluation routines as much as I had  hoped.  It will be interesting to learn more about this tool.

Number 3: Scheduling – Many great posts like Top Ten Practices for Principals to Promote Literacy in Their School by @HowePrincipal have got me re-examining how I structure my time and energy.  I’m hoping I don’t lose this perspective when things get busy tomorrow morning, but it’s in the front of my mind.

Number 2:  We’ve been implementing iBlocks (or intervention blocks) into our master schedule this year.  They’ve presented successes and challenges.  I’m starting to see a clearer path to a Data Teams (Sample Here)  model.  This week I’ll be meeting with core iBlock planning teams to discuss how we get there.  I’m lucky to have many folks to add to the conversation that all bring different strengths to the table.

Number 1:  Healthy Decisions

This week, I think, starts our PATH (Planned Action Toward Health) initiative at school.  Also, the rink next to our school has been flooded and frozen and begging me to use it before the school day.  I hope to get out at least once…that’s my modest goal.  As a kid, we had a pond right behind our house and I would spend hours skating…some of the best think time I’ve ever had.  I could use it again!



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