Links I Shared With Staff This Week 2-19-12

Every week I send out a weekly memo to staff that I call “And Bolts.”  You’d have to understand my sense of humor to get it!?!  In any case, the memo is broken down into sections that include:

  • Upcoming Events and Information
  • Local Stuff (stuff about our school)
  • DOE Stuff (updates from our state department of education)
  • Great Things I Noticed (thanks to @PrincipalJ!


Tweets, Links and Other Fun Stuff

This is the section that I include ten or more links that I think will speak to the different interests and specialties of our school staff.  It also speaks to the wide levels of comfort with social media and bookmarking.  Some folks do it, some folks wouldn’t know where to begin!?  By including the links in the weekly memo, staff choose topics that interest them, see the blogs and sites where they came from and they help generate conversation!  It’s also my passive aggressive way of pointing out all the great stuff that I find everyday on Twitter (mwa ha ha!).  It’s a little thing, but an important one.  Below are the links that I shared this week:

@MindShiftKQED: A Quiet Classroom Means Good Learning: 1 of 7 misconceptions about how students learn.

@Inc: Ready to find that silver lining? Here are 6 tricks to become more optimistic: via @Sales_Source

Fascinating Study On What Learning From Mistakes Does To The Brain

February’s Parent Engagement Highlights From Twitter

Donors Choose team visited my classroom today – great group, great resource for teachers

10 Lessons for Edupreneurs

Doing More with Less: How Informed Assessment Practices Can Help

What Parents Want from Student Assessments

WatchKnowLearn: an Exceptional Learning Resource for Educational Videos

Evernote For Schools Site: Resource for Using Evernote in Education

Hello Slide – Easily Add Narration to Your Slideshows

Education malfeasance: the “reading to learn” myth


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