A Little Reading for the Week 4-4-12


If you’re interested in a little extra reading this week you might check out Curricular Opportunities in the Digital Age from David Rose and Jenna Gravel.  Recently reviewed by many (http://gettingsmart.com/blog/2012/03/review-jffs-curricular-opportunities-in-the-digital-age/) this document appears to lend some interesting points and information for educators, parents and communities to consider as education continues to evolve.  Several papers have been produced as part of  Students At The Center, a Jobs for the Future project.  Each has been worth the time to read and consider.

A quick look at the Table of Contents shows some promising concepts (page 4 of 38 Curricular Opportunities in the Digital Age)
Customization and Individual Differences
Universal Design for Learning
Print and Its Disabilities
The Promise of New Technologies
Realizing the Promise of New Technologies for Individualized-Student Learning

This might be a good one to add a bookmark to, retweet, favorite or otherwise tag!


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