If You Don’t Feed the Principals…Well…They Get Hungry and Sick!

Image from myconfusingstroll.blogspot.com

After my recent bout with illness and general interest in rethinking my daily healthy habits (or lack thereof) I decided to pay closer attention to what I eat in a day.

Now, as you know, a typical day in the life of a principal is fast paced and full.  I know there are a few folks out there that are still thinking that a principal’s day looks like something out of a Norman Rockwell painting, but I have to tell you that it usually isn’t.  It’s not unusual for me to put in two or three sixteen hour days a week(as it is for many educators) and within one of those I have to say I sometimes struggle for energy.

My diet planning in the past has been extremely simple.  I’ll eat what shows up (food items only). It’s not the best plan in the world, but it’s what I’ve been doing for a long time.  I would go into each day without much of a plan about what I would be eating during the day.  Some days it always seemed to work out…food would show up.  Cookies for a students birthday, left over food items, a potluck…whatever, it was there.  As long as I had a coffee in the morning I felt like I would be alright.

It doesn’t take a nutritionist to figure out that this is a horrible, horrible plan.

So this week, after recovering from a vicious cold and cough, I’m returning to the gym and wanted to make sure that I was paying more attention to WHAT and WHEN I’m eating.

So after a little Googling and Lifehacking, I read a few articles





and then headed off to the grocery store.  After exploring sections of the store that I didn’t know existed I walked out with a basket full of items to try out through the week.  I’m also going to give a try to keeping track of my energy levels throughout the day, as suggested in one of the above articles.

I’ll get this figured out yet!


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