Links I Shared With Staff This Week 4-16-12

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Several RES folks attended this event  Resources are posted at this link.  Definitely worth a look!

Great Video! RT @BoingBoing: 9-year-old’s DIY cardboard arcade gets flashmobbed


Executive Function, Arts Integration and Joyful Learning

The Hottest Posts That Everyone’s Talking About!

An Online Nature Center for Kids

QR Codes Explained and Ideas for Classroom Use

Combining 21st Century Skills, Project Based Learning, and iPads

21st Century Skills Math Map Rounds Out P21′s Resource Library for Educators


Tools And Resources For Creating Infographics

Math Lessons from PBS LearningMedia

5 under-watched TEDxEDU videos

Google Docs for Teachers – A Free eBook

28 Hashtags to Follow Education Reform

What do GREAT Classroom Observers “Know” – and, what do they do with what they know?

A day of ordinary miracles

More ordinary miracles

Earth Day Resources

Disciplinary Literacy with the Common Core State Standards

RT @MindShiftKQED: Do students have different learning styles? @anniemurphypaul focuses on two tactics that work for every learner.


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