A Good Read…Seriously!

Image from http://www.ascd.org/Publications/Books/112004-overview.aspx

I recently received and read a copy of When Teaching Gets Tough by Allen N. Mendler, as did many other ASCD members.  This book arrived at a very timely moment.  I work with an amazing group of educators and everyday I am thankful to have the professionals around me that I do.  We are constantly looking at our systems, communication and how these impact the culture of our learning community.  This book speaks to both teachers and administrators in practical and direct ways.  I think that’s what I appreciate the most.  Many education books that come my way have interesting points and information, but often the altitude of the conversation is in the atmosphere.  Having a text with practical and direct ideas was helpful.  In particular, I would encourage everyone to review the reflection questions and conversations at the end of each chapter.  I plan to use this text to frame some of our staff inservice and PD in the next several months.  This is definitely a good, quick read that I would recommend to anyone interested in continuing to improve the culture of a school.


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