Links @PrincipalBerry Shared with Staff This Week 5-21-12

Tweets, Links and Other Fun Stuff:

Watch this…it’s worth it!

Video Interlude: Teachers “Dance Bomb” Students

@MindShiftKQED: What schools can learn from summer camps.

@MindShiftKQED: Why we should never fear failure: an inspiring #TED talk by inventor Regina Dugan.

@FastCompany: Watch: What Happens When You Send An Email? (A trip through Google’s data centers)

@bethredford: Wiki for @onealchris ‘ #vted presentation on iPad as digital packpack is

Positive End

Cool Cat Teacher Blog: Finding Your Beautiful Moment the Last Week of School

Education: The Single Most Important Job | Edutopia

Goal-Setting Video From The Youngest Person To Climb Everest

15 Secrets of the Most Successful Self-Learners

The Zen of Teaching

Find facts and do research inside Google Documents

7 Great Note-taking Tools for Teachers and Students

Chittenden East Supervisory Union: Locals Present at Dynamic Landscapes 2012!

Road to Grammar – Hundreds of Grammar Practice Quizzes

View A Cleaner YouTube Without Extensions

The battle against bullying: Turning Bystanders into Upstanders

View A Cleaner YouTube Without Extensions

Three heads are better than one: Data teams in collaborative spaces

Saving Favorite Tweets to Diigo


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