The End Is Coming…Or Is It?

One of the things that I find most challenging about the end of the school year is the feeling that we as a staff need to resolve, fix and/or solve all our challenges before that last day of school.  I find that I constantly have to remind myself and others that meaningful, successful change takes time and thoughtfulness.

The fact that time is marching on and that last day of school is marching closer doesn’t mean that we should rush our work.  In fact, I think it’s important to do the opposite.  When we slow down and really consider the matter at hand the solutions, investment and progress increase significantly.

Educators face a whole lot of stress each and everyday.  Sometimes I think we can fall into cycles where we feed this stress even more by trying to quickly resolve larger systemic challenges.

We’ve got time.  Concentrate on the students, let’s keep talking and planning and work through the challenges and changes at a pace that equals success.

We don’t have to solve it today.  Let’s do it right.

@PrincipalBerry Out!


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