Goal Setting for Family Engagement

Video Link http://youtu.be/s6PHexzP5tU

I came across this post from @Joe_Mazza while on vacation last week and immediately starred it, emailed it to myself and wrote a reminder tag on my to do list to revisit it.  It’s a great post full of links leading to other great posts and resources about parent engagement.    The post is:

Extreme School Lobby Makeover – Welcome, Honor & Connect Edition

The post contained the above video from Karen Mapp that briefly gets you thinking or rethinking the levels of parent engagement in your school.

The first thing I did when reading this post was to think about the entrance to our school.  We recently had some major construction and installed some new door features that were a big change for families (and staff) to increase our safety and security.  The feedback we received initially was very strong about a feeling of not being welcome at school, and that certainly wasn’t the intended message, but nonetheless, it was how many were feeling.  As the year progressed and people became more used to the system we heard less of that feedback; however, I do think there is much more we can do to address that feeling!  Karen Mapp discusses it briefly in the video as well by asking us to think about things like:

  • Is everyone greeted with a smile?
  • Do they have to wait long for information or assistance?
  • Is there information readily available or do people have to ask for things?
The idea being that parents need to feel welcome, honored and connected to the learning in the building.  This is going to be part of a larger focus for our staff this year and a professional goal for myself.
As you read through the post there are several links that are definitely worth the time to review.  Take the time to look at:


I’m sure there are more resources connected to this post that are worth a mention.  I’ve saved this one and will share it with staff and use it toward our goal setting in the beginning of the year.


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