A Day of Firsts to Reflect On #edchat #cpchat



Today was a day of firsts for me…full of firsts.

First visit to a physical therapist (my upper arm was making a scraping noise that made even the dog gag).  The appointment was at 6:30 a.m. the first morning of teacher inservice.  You can imagine where my head was at for that visit!  But you know what, I was forced to focus on the moment…what was happening at the time…no multitasking, no worrying, just what was happening right then and there.  Kind of a powerful way to start the day!

Focus on the moment and do your absolute best with what’s in front of you

After the scraping and crying (only a little) was done, I hopped into the car and headed up to school for the first day of teacher inservice.  Every year I stress about this day only because I want it to be the best for everyone in the building. I want them to get what they need and start on the best note possible.  In the past I’ve had successes and failures, but the effort is always there.  

We started off the morning welcoming our new staff, giving them a chance to feel like a part of the bigger picture…meeting the new family for the first time.

Have an official welcome for new members of your team

I managed to work in an icebreaker (yeah yeah…I know) that included kazoo lips and slappy turtles…how can that be bad!?  Despite a few grumbles about icebreakers I saw a lot of smiles first thing in the morning.

Make ’em smile right off

Throughout the day we had an agenda that functioned in short bursts.  We’d do an activity for an hour or less and have a break.  People seemed to be engaged for the activities and appreciative of the breaks… and as I review the results of their work today I’m excited and energized by the seriousness with which everything was tackled.

Keep it movin’ boss

Everything for our inservice was organized into one Google doc where nearly every section was hyperlinked to another document or resource.  Initially looking at the four or five page document is pretty overwhelming; however…everything, EVERYTHING, was in one spot, organized and relatively easy for people to get to.  Looking back on it I can see that it was one of the first inservices that we didn’t spend a chunk of time debating connecting to or finding a document!!

Put your energy into making the organization easy and it will pay you back in saved time and effort

At the end of the day I had to head right out (which felt awkward, but I had a great reason) to get to my daughter’s third grade open house.  I vowed that I would attack my professional goals as hard as possible this year, but I made another vow as well.  I made a promise to be even more involved in my family than I had in the past and to work to bridge the two worlds.  So off I went to get to the third grade open house (pictured above).  And here I am…coming directly from inservice…where I want to inspire our staff and gear up for the year to another building, right in the middle of inservice working to gear up for the year…except this time I was the parent, meeting my daughter’s teacher for the first time.  A smile, a welcome and sincere excitement about meeting us and my daughter made the day a perfect one.

Show them you care…and mean it!


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