A Principal’s To Do List for the First Day of School #cpchat

image from thedrivenclass.com

Tomorrow marks the first student day of school for us.  We’ve been working all summer on planning, completed four days of inservice and now the magic day is about to arrive.  My to do list for the day is pretty straight forward:

  1. Check in with each and every staff member in the morning (before school starts if possible)- I want staff to know that I’m there to help with anything they need and that I’ve got their backs
  2. Be out front to greet every scholar and family as they arrive – First impressions and all that great stuff!
  3. Smile, smile and smile some more –  Maintaining a positive attitude throughout the day, week, year will be essential!  I’ll keep repeating my new favorite mantra: “You can’t speak defeat and expect victory.”
  4. Visit every classroom – Beyond just visiting classrooms by sticking my head in the door I plan on observing interactions, taking notes and paying attention to my grand to-do list: closing the achievement gap. The work doesn’t wait to start.
  5. Pass out birthday pencils to everyone who has a b-day the first day of school – -Not only is this a school tradition (passing out special “from the principal” birthday pencils), but this is also a great way to connect with scholars right off!
  6. It’s everyone’s job to get stuff done –  I will be anywhere and everywhere that help is needed.  My schedule is purposely empty to be able to help out and support in whatever capacity is needed.
  7. Be ridiculously positive – Pretty straight forward.  See number three for more details.
  8. Be outside at the end of the day to say goodbye to scholars and families – It’s really important on that first day to bookend the connections with families and scholars.  Positive in, positive out.  That’s another mantra.
  9. Check in with staff at the end of the day – Making sure to see if staff had any needs during the day that can be addressed before day two, valuing what they have to say about the day and the scholars and basically letting them know that I’m there for them…no matter what.

This is one of my favorite to do lists for the year!  Can’t wait for an awesome day.


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