Principals Can Connect with Classes in Many Different Ways #cpchat #edchat

Classes of scholars, like the individuals that make them up, come with their own unique personalities and designs. As a building principal, your relationship with each class tends to be a little bit unique, in one way or another.

You know what I mean, right? I’ll walk into one classroom and the students all turn and say hello while in another classroom they wait to acknowledge me during a natural pause. Some classrooms have little things that we do and that only happen in that class! These are all great nuances to the relationships that we build everyday with students, classes and educators.

As I’ve continued to learn from past practices I’ve embraced the idea that all these relationships do not need to look the same. Here’s a great example. This started last year with this particular class. Every day there was a joke or riddle battle between this class and me. They’d send me a joke, I’d send an answer and a joke back. With technology being as mobile as it is now, I can maintain this connection with the classroom on even my busiest, most office-bound days!! The video above is from today’s connection!


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