#RSCON4 Presenting Experience #cpchat

A while back I received a Twitter message from @shellterrell talking about something called #RSCON4.  I batted it around for a little bit, frankly just being honored to receive the message and then dismissed it.  A couple of days later I returned to it and thought about many things…mostly about how I’ve been encouraging others to put themselves out there, connect and learn.  After asking the advice of many colleagues I decided to jump in and volunteer to present at #RSCON4…I just didn’t know what I was going to share…small detail.

I settled on a concept that our administrative team has been working on this year…shadowing students.  The reason I chose this wasn’t because it was groundbreaking or a new concept, but because it was something I was energized about and wanted to share.  I had to get over the fear of not being an expert in what I was presenting and just settle into the concept of one educator sharing an idea with others.

Putting the presentation together was fairly straightforward…because these are the things that have been rattling around in my head prior to this presentation.  Alright…the presentation is done…check that off the list.  Now how the heck does this online forum work?  I will have to admit initially I was overwhelmed by the amount of information coming from the Future of Education site about the #RSCON4 event.  I was worried about whether I would be able to navigate Blackboard Collaborate, would my presentation upload, would I get the sounds and sights right…all that stuff.  In the end I’m happy to report it was all extremely intuitive and worked out great!  Here’s the video of the presentation: http://www.futureofeducation.com/page/2013-rscon-recordings 
Five minutes before my presentation started on Sunday afternoon I was asking myself, “Why am I doing this?”  One minute after I started my presentation and there was myself and a moderator in the room and no other participants I said to myself, “Well, I’ll just get things going and do the best I can do.”  Three minutes after I started and the participant list kept growing and the comments and questions started coming in I said to myself, “This is pretty stinkin’ cool!”
In reflecting on the experience I’m grateful that I had the chance to try something new, take a risk and talk about something that I’m excited to share.    I also was able to garner amazing feedback and questions that spurred other ideas and new energy.  Great stuff!
Oh, one additional fun tidbit….while I was plugged in and presenting, my children wanted to do something nice for me…so they decided to wash my car…with a dry sponge that we use for bleach…without water.  It was a nice surprise after finishing the presentation!
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