Bringing Twitter Chats to Those Not On Twitter! #cpchat #satchat #edchat


Throughout my time being connected on Twitter I’ve tried to share, push, encourage, dare, bribe and generally lay down in traffic to get other educators to connect.  I’ve had successes and failures, but I continue.  In the last year or so I’ve benefited significantly from participating in Twitter educational chats and have been almost sad that others don’t have this experience or opportunity.

Often I hear educators say that they are looking for a way (place) to share ideas, talk about challenges, learn from each other…here it is!  So I’ve set a new challenge for myself.

 As I participate in these amazing chats (#satchat, #vted, #edchat, etc.) i take notes…I write down the questions, the resources, thoughts, ideas, visions and suggestions.  My self-challenge is to bring those discussions to teams and educators offline.  It could be as simple as starting a staff or team meeting with the questions from #satchat.  What better way to encourage quality conversations?  I think it falls into the smarter not harder category of planning.  The questions are there, they are high quality…don’t reinvent the wheel…use them!  

Here are some general chat resources:

Cybraryman’s Twitter Chat page = AKA the Bible of Chat Info! @cybraryman1

Archived #satchat Conversations and information – Thanks to Brad Currie (@bcurrie5) and Scott Rocco (@scottRRocco) 

Edchat Wiki




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