There’s a Robot In My Office #cpchat


For those of you that were expecting a serious analogy to some leadership thingy or other, I apologize.   The title of the post is literal…but I am going to share how awesome it made my day!

At our FOCUS ( Families, Community and School Focusing on Student Success) meeting this past week we broke into teams to discuss activities and fundraisers that were coming up for the remainder of the year.  The group I sat with had a blast!  We were tasked with thinking about how to increase Box Tops for Education efforts for a two or three month burst.  Somehow, through the laughter, we got going on the idea of having some sort of motivational tool that would entice the students and families to really pour on the heat with Box Tops.  Thus our Boxy the Robot was born!  Boxy will eventually be housed in our lobby and will be a collection robot for our Box Tops along with a fundraising goal chart that will help us track our progress.

For the time being Boxy is living in my office…and I am grateful.  Here’s how much fun we had…just today:

  • I couldn’t resist telling our preschoolers that I had a surprise in my office and that they should come down and see.  I’m sure they were expecting a poster or something…but a five foot tall robot…that was just a bonus experience for the day.
  • I had a couple of meetings today that might not have been as much fun as they were…who can be super serious and sour when there’s a life-size robot standing behind you ready to cheer you up?
  • Toward the end of the day I moved him toward the window, looking out at the crowd of folks there to pick up their students…just a few odd looks, but well worth it.

Conversation piece, reminder to have as much fun as possible, guard robot, Box Top collector, symbol of awesomeness…take your pick.  For me it was just a great reminder to not get too stressed, focus on the kids and smile…because you’ve got a robot in your office.


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