Sunday 11-24 -13 Check In



This weekend was a cluster of events and happenings…everything from #satchat to illness, overnights to snow fall, catching up on work to catching up on movies.  One thing that has been constant in my mind is our upcoming inservice days.  

Tomorrow morning we are introducing the Edcamp model to our staff.  For about a month we’ve been sending out bits of information about what an edcamp is and how it works…but as we all know the best way to know an edcamp is to experience one.  Only a handful of staff have been to an edcamp event, so it’s a fairly foreign concept for most.  Even this weekend’s #satchat featured much discussion of the edcamp model.  

The current plan is that we’ll do two blocks of sessions and a smack-down for the morning of our first of two inservice days.  Putting feelers out ahead of time I know that there are about six or so folks ready to throw their hats in the ring for discussion groups.  Still, I want so badly for this to be an eye-opening experience that I know I’ll be thinking about this one in the middle of the night.  Kind of funny that one of the “easiest” to inservice models to plan is going to keep me up! 

Several of the links I shared with staff are below…wish us luck!

Edcamp Wiki –

Edcamp Foundation –

Edcamp Video –

What is Edcamp Video –




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