My Podcast List This Week #cpchat

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time exploring different podcasts.  With an hour per day commute I have plenty o’ opportunity to listen to programming everyday.  These are a few that I have really enjoyed this week and a bit about why:

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Pivotal Podcast –  This is a fairly new one to me, but I’ve really enjoyed the last two episodes.  The most recent podcast discusses the importance of managing our own behaviors in the classroom.

As an administrator I found the two most recent episodes powerful and well presented.  They were ones that I bookmarked immediately and shared with many people. Great points are made by behavior specialist, Paul Dix (@pivotalpaul) and the host, Kevin Mulryne (@kevinmulryne).  Their site also offers comprehensive show notes…really well done!

Spark (@sparkCBC) –  While not totally directed at education, I find that I’m constantly making connections to my world, experiences, students, staff and families through the topics discussed by Nora Young (@Nora3000). On a recent episode, guest Aimee Morrison (@digiwonk) discussed the history of the “selfie” and shared the dynamics that people put into developing their online timeline…it was fascinating and definitely a connection I see with everyone that I interact with at school.  I see multiple connections to the topics presented on Spark.

The PrincipalCast – It’s for principals by principals…of course I’m going to listen!  This is a no-brainer for admin to follow.  It’s nice to just hear about what other administrators are doing, working through, experiencing, stressing out about, etc.  With great guest (@toddwhitaker was the guest last week) and relevant topics Theresa Stager (@principalstager), Jessica Johnson (@principalJ) and Dr. Spike Cook (@drspikecook) lead listeners through quality discussions.


HBR IdeaCast –  The Harvard Business Review IdeaCast has some great general topics that are always interesting to listen to, but many directly relate to leadership.  One recent episode featured Eric Clayberg, Google software-engineering manager, talking with Harvard Business School professor David Garvin about the feedback and training that he and others at the company receive through Project Oxygen.

The rest of my podcast list features programs that, while not directly targeted toward an educator, always lend themselves to connections with our experiences in a school and as a leader:

RadioLab  – It’s just awesome

60 Minutes Podcast

The Moth

This American Life

Kenny Kane’s Positivity Project  – this one is fitness oriented (specifically pretty oriented toward crossfit) and Kenny Kane interviews athletes and generally amazing people to find out what ingredients make up who they are and how they got to where they are in life…kind of fascinating.

With three days of vacation coming up I know I’m going to be taking some time to catch up on these and find a few new ones!


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