How Not To Share Your Tough Days #cpchat

Happy Spring
Happy Spring

We all have tough days.  Days that we think, “Wow…why did I think I could do this?”  Everyone experiences this…the difference is the way that people respond to those days.  I’ve taken closer note of my Twitter PLN lately and how they handle these types of days.  I’ll see posts from people complaining about their day…I’ve even seen educators complain about a specific group or event in their school day.  YOU CAN’T DO THAT!  I’m going to say it…WE can’t do that.  As an institution and profession that is not how we should handle ourselves.  To be clear, I struggle with holding on to the positives all the time too, but it’s important to continue to work on it and recognize the importance.

@bcurrie5 had a great post (great example and model) the other day called Today Was a Good Day in which he outlined all the things about the day that were great.  Brad provides a glimpse of his day, shout outs to particular staff and groups and seizes the brightest parts of that day.  Now, I’m willing to go out on a limb and guess that Brad probably had one or two moments in the span of that day that weren’t his favorite, but rather than post and dwell upon them he chose to focus on the positives.  This is a great example for all of us as we seek to find the balance between our profession and our emotions and leadership.

Moral of the story…your posts brand you as much as they do your school (that goes for your “personal” accounts as well).  How do you want to be viewed?

Being positive and maintaining it is on everyone’s mind…especially in areas where spring is hiding.  Check out these posts:

@drspikecook Never-ending positivity 

@bcurrie5 Today Was a Good Day

I’d also suggest that posts where people learn or experience reflection from tough experiences…or share some humor can be quite helpful and positive…there’s a difference between that and the straight-out complaining posts…important note!


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