Principals and Parent Conferences #cpchat

parent teacher

I had a wonderful opportunity this past week to be involved in every parent conference for one of our classes.  I’ve always been involved in conferences, but generally have been invited to particular ones for particular reasons.  This was a fresh opportunity to experience all conferences for one classroom…and it was great!

For me I was able to:

  • observe how this educator connected with families and students on a whole-class scale (which was done expertly!)
  • see what information is important for families and students to share at a parent-teacher conference
  • make a personal connection with each student and family that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to do
  • take good stock of the information and data that we share with families and sort through what was valuable, what wasn’t, what could be better, etc.
  • support the teacher, families and students with information and school-wide perspectives
  • see how the teacher uses programming and instructional strategies to discuss student progress
  • celebrate the high levels of professionalism and knowledge that our staff display everyday
  • learn A LOT from the educator, student and families about our school!!!!  I walked away with insight into how I can better support the school community during conferences, had a better sense of the data we value versus the data we use, learned about the things that students are invested in and gained much more feedback/ideas than I can share here.

As school leaders we are asked to observe and reflect on a lot of the different aspects our learning community, some more formally than others.  I guess my learning from this experience is to be willing to throw my observation hat into other sections of the day and school experience.  Every time I do this I leave with more knowledge than I entered it with!


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