April Fool’s Day Might Be the Best Holiday for Principals #cpchat

Don’t tell anyone but April Fool’s Day might be one of my favorite holidays.  Let me walk you through the April Fool’s Day events from my perspective (because I, of course, did nothing to elicit this type of focus or pranks directed my way).

I walked in the door this morning and was greeted immediately by a series of smirks and cautious eyes (some folks actually thought I might have a joke or two in store for them today).  Immediately outside the office area we have a display case and a monitor with electronic media posted on it.  It only took a second or two before I understood that everything out there involved me.

photo 1 (14)
The butterfly stuff comes from a clearly faulty “spirit animal” test that a few of us took where most folks came out as bears, lions or wolverines…mine, on two separate sites, came out as the butterfly. I Googled it though, butterflies are nature’s predators…watch out!


photo 2 (12)


The display case included various items from my office, several altered photos of me and my entire collection of hand-sanitizer!

After a hearty chuckle I headed into my office.

photo 3 (9)

Yep, there’s a giant robot on my table…and that’s where it stayed for the day.  Definitely a conversation starter.  Also, throughout the day various objects from my office disappeared and reappeared….I still haven’t figured out the weird smell, but there’s time this week for that.

During snack time I had a student offer me some “brownies.”

photo 4 (8)photo 5 (6)

So why might April Fool’s Day be the best holiday in the world for a principal?

  1. It’s a great barometer for how your staff view you and each other.  If people are comfortable playing a joke or twelve on you or each other…you’re working with some pretty great folks!
  2. You get to see others smile at your expense…that’s part of the job, right?!  But it’s not just at your expense, it’s really laughing and smiling along with you.
  3. April Fool’s Day can provide all sorts of valuable learning lessons for principals…things like NEVER, EVER PRANK THE TECH GUY (or gal as the case may be).  After several background changes on the office computers and various computer related reminders of the real hierarchy of things…I got the message!
  4. It’s a chance to model fun.  I had students absolutely beaming today as they “tricked” with their various jokes.  Also a few witnessed fun moments between staff members…that’s important too.  The more we can model healthy interactions for our learners, the better.
  5. It’s been said a few times a few ways, but April Fool’s Day is just a great reminder that folks need to have fun wherever they work or are members of any type of community.  If we’re not having fun we’re not doing it right!




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