The Return

I’m in the process of returning from a week of vacation.  Every educator knows what this Sunday feels like…it can be a tough transition or it can be a really energizing experience.  During my week off I took a week off from everything…school, emails, blogging…even Twitter (which was really, really tough).  I try to do this a couple of times a year and I find that it’s really important to do, for many reasons.  Probably one of the most important reasons is to allow you to re-energize in all areas, whether that be professional, personal or other.

Here’s a recap of the week:

Day 1: Started off my first day off with a wonderful experience.  My daughter decided to decorate her room and dropped a metal necklace on a night light…



Yep…relaxation was really starting to set in.

Day 2:

My father-in-law and I spent a late, LATE evening making sure that the Easter Bunny was able to make his deliveries.  Head lamps, woods, past midnight, nervous neighbors and one interesting interaction with local PD…all worth it.



Relaxation at its finest!

Day 3:

We hosted Easter dinner for our entire family…the entire family.  Relaxation central.



It was awesome to have everyone at the house and a great chance to catch up.

Day 4:

We had a rather interesting house guest…who refused to leave.



Day 5:

Traveled with the fam to the Mystic Aquarium…awesome place, not the most fun drive in the world, but worth it.



Day 6:

My wife was seriously starting to question having me home for a week!




And I decided to surprise everyone with a new look.



After a day of no one talking to me I rethought my new look.  Oh well.  There’s always Movember.

And that brings us to day 7.  It’s time to reflect on a great week, re-energize and plug back in.  This stretch between now and the end of the year represents the best of two worlds for me.  I’ll be working to support the work we’re continuing to do this school year, but also working to prepare for next year.  It’s a busy time of year, but very exciting.  I’m ready to plug back in and put the best foot forward for the rest of the year!  




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