“Look For” List When Visiting Classrooms #cpchat

With A LOT of help from friends and colleagues (@BethMooreTCRWP, @FoustP and @Vickigraf2 for starters and many more who have shared wisdom with me in the past) I’ve cobbled together a “look for” doc that I’m trying out here and there.  I really like visiting classrooms, but I really like being helpful in giving feedback and information to teachers while I’m there even more.  I’ve been a fan of similar docs in the past just to keep my brain in gear on what I can be paying attention to…no matter the time of day or spot in the classroom schedule.  I like to stuff a copy in my binder or pocket just to have handy. Take a gander: Lookfors (2)

Screenshot 2014-04-28 at 6.11.11 PM


 Lookfors (2)

I like these types of docs so much I’m planning on adding other times in the classroom schedule as well…including snack, morning meeting, transitions, etc.  I want to always be thinking about what I can be looking for and helping to support.




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