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HH TRAILER-VIMEO from Bess O’brien on Vimeo.

Our guidance counselor told me, “watch this” as she handed me the DVD case.  There was something about the way she said it that made it clear it wasn’t a request, not a suggestion, but a need that I watch this DVD…and she couldn’t have been more right.

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I’m not sure that any words I type here will do this documentary justice.  As an educator in Vermont it is particularly poignant; however, I believe any educator anywhere can relate and connect to the experiences shared here.  The focus of the video is around the world of prescription drug addiction in Vermont via the inspiring work of Dr. Fred Holmes’ work with patients.  As you watch the video you see the patients, Dr. Holmes, advocates and agencies, schools, parents and children all struggle with the “system.”  You are reminded at every turn of the power of connection and conversation, respect and relationships…and reality…the reality that exists beyond our school doors.  

We’re all familiar with that saying that goes something like “everyone has something going on that we don’t know about.”  Even though we know that we get caught up in our daily challenges and forget that often our worst daily challenge would be a walk in the park for the other people that we encounter everyday.  There might be people that would say I don’t need to watch this, we don’t have this problem in our community or school, this is about older kids and adults not our students’ ages, etc.  Guess what…you’re wrong.  If it’s not your kids, it could be their families, we could be the intervening factor BEFORE the addiction, you may have interactions with the social work systems and share in their frustrations about access to supports for families and students.  The connections are endless and obvious.  Watch the movie, make other people watch the movie.  

Information about purchasing the movie can be found at  I did see that the movie can be found by searching Youtube; however, purchasing the video for your school or community helps support the organization in sharing the message of the video with others and continue to improve the systems of support that will directly impact our work in schools!  Purchasing information is at 

As Dr. Holmes shares in the video, “these are our children…”  We need to work together with outside agencies to find ways to remove wait lists for services, open the doors and most of all follow the house rules:

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Image from Forever Strong and this sign is at the top of my want list for my office if anyone is shopping around for that dare to be great gift idea for me!





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