PLN Home Delivery!

“The Bizarro Jerry” was the 137th episode of Seinfeld.  If you don’t know the plot, I wont ruin it for you…watch it.  For those of you not familiar with the “bizarro” concept, let me explain.  In the Superman story line there exists a “bizarro” world where an alternate world exists with things reversed or changed in some way.  I’ve followed Superman’s stories and adventures, laughed during Jerry’s stumble into Bizarro land, but I never thought I would have a first hand experience, but I have. Let me explain.

My wife and I were sitting in our living room the other night and noticed a large group of people walking down our country road.  This group of people seemed particularly interested in our house…they walked very slowly past, pointed at features in the yard, talked to each other and eventually moved on.  Our theories included:

  • it’s time to mow the lawn…even the neighbors are laughing now
  • there’s someone on the roof
  • they were saying “wow, that’s where Principal Berry lives!”  My wife didn’t agree with that theory, but I threw it out there
  • maybe there was a deer on the other side of the house
  • a millionaire was going to walk up to our door and offer us cash for the house

Before we could confirm any of the above the people had moved on down the street and we kind of forgot about it.

Fast forward to the next day (yesterday).  After spending the day at school I headed home, thinking about the evening with the family.  As I pulled up to our driveway I found a vehicle with out of state plates parked in the front of the driveway…blocking my entrance.  The theory machine started up again:

  • Salesman, vendors?  We haven’t had many since the Lucy incident of 2013 (my dog is very friendly…sometimes a little too friendly for guests)
  • My wife invited company that don’t know how to park?
  • Random relatives have arrived and plan to stay for a long time without telling me or my wife and will eat all my favorite food and use up all my designated spaces in the house for the next two weeks making me extremely grumpy and irritable?!?!

Well, turns out none of these were accurate.  As I walked up the drive I saw four people, a man and a woman and what was obviously their two daughters.  It looked as if there had been some emotions shared before I got there.  I don’t know how I knew that but I could tell…the whole time I’m wondering “what are you walking into here.”  

These were the people that built the house we live in.  Now, I know everyone has a strong emotional attachment to their home, and we certainly do…we LOVE our house. These people LOVE our house too, for the memories it gave them.  They told us about the first day their daughters road the bus from where their car was parked.  We finally found out what the rope in the tree was for…a tire swing (which is now a weekend project for me).  They talked about the memories they had as a family in the house and how happy they were that we were there.  As they shared, I started to pick up on how similar we were, in just some of the ways we talk, even our mannerisms.  Thirty minutes had passed as we talked and compared notes before any of us knew it.  The man, Joe, told me that when he lived in our house he was a principal in an area school.  “No way!  Guess what I do!”  We knew a lot of the same people, worked in some of the same places and had more in common than any two strangers should.  I looked over and saw that my wife was having the same experience with Joe’s wife and that my daughters had each paired off with Joe’s daughters.  Joe and talked about his work in a southern state, where he now works as a education leader and WOW…do I have some things to learn from him.

So, at the end of the day I received the newest member of my PLN…via home delivery.  


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