Front of the Building Day One #cpchat #vted

“This has been an amazing first day of school!”  Across the world this phrase is popping up this time of year and I’m sure the first day of school looks different all over.  This morning was the first day of school for our scholars and it was probably the best start to the school year that I can remember.  We put a lot of energy into a few things that just made the morning extremely positive and successful.


Our mascot is the Cougar Cub and leading up to the first day we took the time to update our social media with new images of our mascot and build up to the start. We posted messages expressing our excitement for the coming year and we’ve made sure to have a welcome video of some sort for the community as shown below:
 Our building is a standard brick and mortar school building and can be a bit static visually.  Over the past two years we’ve slowly added some decorations to our start (and end) of the school year to make things look extra welcoming and it has paid off big time!  Banners, an arch to walk through and chalk messages of encouragement on the sidewalk made the front of our building welcoming and exciting for all our learners and families.

photo 3photo 5

photo 4  photo 2 photo 1

Last year we noted that families were all trying to find a good spot for students to take a “first day of school” photo…so we decided to help out with that!  Not only did we make signs that said “First Day of Kindergarten” and up through the grades, but we also had the perfect framed photo opportunity all set up!  Families were literally lining up to use it….awesome thing to have out front.


 Lastly, without a doubt the biggest thing that we had going was the smiling and encouraging faces of our staff members right out front, ready to help, smile, laugh and connect.


The energy put into making the first impression a good one goes miles toward a successful year for scholars, families and staff. Incredible start to the 2014-15 school year!  The last thing we do is make sure to share out some images from our first day!



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