Pay Attention to Comments Like This On Your School’s Social Media #cpchat #edchat

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I’m always proud of the great stuff that our school shares with the community and beyond.  I believe wholeheartedly that this work has helped flatten our organization and share more of what our school values than anytime in the past.  And that…that makes me and others very, very happy!

At least once a week I see a comment like this on our Facebook page.  For a while I didn’t do much with them other than enjoy them and be reminded that this work is important.  Now, I make sure to share the comment with educators.  If it’s a comment about a specific post from a specific staff member I make sure to send it to them directly with a thank you.  It’s their hard work that is making that connection beyond the school doors, they deserve to know that it’s appreciated and valued!

We host content across mediums and not all educators follow our threads constantly, so it’s important to send along these good words of encouragement when you see them.

To those leaving comments like the above, thank you…we use positives like this as fuel!  It means a lot to us and we thank you!


2 thoughts on “Pay Attention to Comments Like This On Your School’s Social Media #cpchat #edchat

  1. I’m wondering, how do you handle students that don’t have media releases to be filmed and/or pictures published of them? (when posting on facebook) Also, how do you restrict the pictures and videos you take from being shared, copied and otherwise posted elsewhere globally. Do you make sure your location is not tagged to the image? Are you the only one posting pictures, or are teachers posting as well? Do teachers/admin use their personal facebook accounts or do they have professional accounts they use?
    We are in the process of figuring all this out, and with parent privacy concerns want to make sure we are thinking through the process before using facebook… I agree it is a powerful communication tool- any information you can offer would be great– thanks,

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