Insights from Author Juli Brenning for Young Writers @julibrenningcom

Recently I had the privilege of interviewing author Juli Brenning.  During a recent visit to our school, Juli was able to take some time to talk to me about her book, Maggi and Milo, and the process of writing.  You can hear the whole show here:

Podcast is available on Stitcher, Soundcloud and iTunes!

I think what occurred to me through the process of putting this podcast together was the importance of allowing our students to interact with people outside the school, not just writers like Juli, but other people sharing their expertise and experience in their field or just in life.  The diversity of experiences is something that we can easily allow our scholars to access and learn from.  What I found interesting from Juli’s visit was that students were interacting with her book as writers more often than passive listeners.  Their questions were around how she developed the story, where did she get the ideas, what were the tools she used to write with, etc.  And that was unprompted!  Sounds like their really interested with interacting with the “real world.”  Let’s make that happen!

Thank you Juli for taking the time to share your inspiration with us!


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