Family, Hockey and the Smell of the Ice

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Vacation is coming to a close.  It’s been a good break, time with family, chance to recoup and recover…all that stuff.  I’m already starting to transition back to work mode, trying to ready myself and my family for the Monday coming up.  To end our vacation we had the chance to go to some hockey games this weekend.  I love going to hockey games.  When I was a kid and all through high school I skated as much as I possibly could.  My friends and I played hockey any free moment we could, anywhere we could.  It’s one of my favorite memories from my past.  We had a large pond behind our house and I used that as my own personal rink…training as much as possible.  I’d spend a whole day on the ice, feet sore from the skates…but it was like time stood still.  The quiet that comes with ice is incredible, even though you’re in an arena full of people.  You can almost hear it before the goal in the game…every stick hit, every blade against the ice…remarkable really.  And I find the same thing happening to me again…time stands still, I enjoy the family around me, the smell of the ice and of course the sounds…and I forget, for a while, everything else.


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