Friday Behind the Scenes 5-22-15 The Value of School Communication

Yesterday my colleague Chris and I had the pleasure of spending the day at the first annual MMMUSD-CESU fourth grade track meet.  This was the first time that all of the elementary schools in our district participated in it.  Usually it’s just our school.  In the past a few schools did participate in a similar event but in all my time as a principal in our district this is first event I can recall that features all our elementary scholars in one place…and that’s pretty important!  Thus we wanted to make sure to honor its importance with some solid coverage for our families, communities, staff and most of all…for the kids.  This is a big deal!  The more that I do this kind of stuff the more I get a sense of the true power of it.  It’s not just about putting together videos…and there are those that question the value of the time spent…but I completely see it as important in so many ways.  We have the honor of archiving moments in time that are defining moments in our scholars’ lives…sharing the lives and experiences of our scholars with the global community…being able to look back on something and reflect…honor the time, energy and professionalism of our staff, communities and students…model the use of technology and communication versus just continuing to talk about how important it is for our schools…I could go on and on and on…but I won’t….yet.

We’re not just filming and doing podcasts…it’s way beyond that.  We’re talking to people…we’re listening to people..we’re learning and sharing in those experiences and all of that is feeding my professional experience and, I believe, truly making me a better educational leader.  I bring back this knowledge, feedback and experience to everything I do.  It’s powerful.

In any case I realized that I should start sharing some of the work that we’re doing…the time, the energy, the fun and the joy.  Here’s a little behind the scenes from our Friday experience.


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