29 Podcasts Later… #cpchat

At the beginning of the school year I set a relatively simple goal of trying to podcast.  My hope was to really start sharing experiences with everyone in our learning community…beyond a great blog post…put people in connection with what’s going on in the classrooms and beyond.  That was it…nothing more.  I started small…recording very simple episodes on my iPad with no real end game in mind…just messing about.  As the year progressed I found myself becoming more invested not only in the act of podcasting, but in the topics they included.  I paid more attention to details that I hadn’t before as I was visiting classrooms, I shared experiences with teachers and parents as I recorded them.  From these moments extremely reflective and open conversations came about.  Some teachers even shared that they learned more from podcasting with me than they sometimes did in a traditional supervision-evaluation experience.  To say that podcasting was an incredible goal and incredible experience is an understatement.  It took me further than I ever anticipated…and I feel like I’m just starting out.

Final podcast of the year…a nice round 30 would have been great…but….


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