5 Day Vlogging Challenge for Principals #cpchat

I don’t know why it occurred to me that I should try a five day vlogging challenge the last week of school, but it did…so I did.  My goals were simple…just try vlogging and see what I experience…share my experience overall at the end of five days.  That’s it.  I have other reasons which I mention in the videos, but here are some:

  • Accountability and transparency – The more effort I make around transparency and communication the more I see the extreme benefits.  There’s no doubt that people can’t support what they don’t know.
  • Credibility – We are all asking our educators to take risks, innovate…take leaps…but are we doing that ourselves?  Are we modeling the use of new technologies…the open communication that we want to see from our educators?
  • Reflection – As with other things like podcasts, classroom videos, etc. I wanted to see if I could catalog and reflect on my own experiences through a vlog

So what did I learn about vlogging that I didn’t know or suspect before?

  • It’s not as time consuming as I thought…let me explain.  Once you get in the habit(s) of vlogging you can collect video pretty easily along the way.  There are actually some great apps that make it easy to do from your phone, or if you are obsessive about video editing as I am, you can save clips for processing at the end of the day.
  • Just like everything else it’s more powerful if it’s a part of the work you are already doing.  I take a lot of pictures, video and audio during the school day.  Weaving vlogging in with that makes it a more cohesive story and something I can reflect upon.
  • It’s just another way of telling our story!  Casey Neistat had a great vlog about vlogging and what I got from that more than anything was making sure that you are centering in on a story. I think my first couple of attempts were just video journals of the day…that’s great if that’s your purpose, but storytelling is powerful when done this way…so moving forward that’s a big shift I would incorporate…picking one story for the day to center the vlog on and go from there.
  • If you are using your phone for vlogging turn off your bluetooth connections…trust me…it gets weird quick.
  • Be prepared for strange looks…it’s just part of it.  But once you tell people what you are doing you’ll find that they are amazingly supportive and interested.
  • I would keep it all in my work day.  The first couple vlogs I tried to include some home stories too…and that’s fun and great, and I really see value in bridging home life and school life, but it goes back to the purpose and telling the story and connecting with other leaders, educators and community.

I think this is a great challenge for any educator, but particularly school leaders…five days…give it a try.

Vlogs below:


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