Things Learned From a Birthday For a Seven Year Old

Yesterday was my daughter’s birthday party…her first friend party.  I have some experience with this particular brand of party, but I still learned a lot.  Here’s my learning summed up:

  1. Avoid rolly food – I’ve learned this lesson before but failed to remember it.  NO ROLLY FOOD.
  2. Keep it simple – We tied a pumpkin to a piece of string, hung it from a tree and swung it toward some tissue boxes. To this group of kids it was like we imported an entire carnival to our yard.
  3. Take a moment to explain what’s edible and what isn’t.  This one should be self explanatory.
  4. Hang donuts from a tree…it’s one of the most laugh inducing events you’ll ever see.
  5. Just have fun…it’s a very pleasant experience.

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