Look…Listen…Learn #TWTBlog


This is a podcast of two visits to two schools,
followed by my reflection on visiting other schools

Whenever I visit another school it’s like my senses become more alive than ever.

I try to take in as much as possible.

I look at what’s on the walls, listen to the conversations in the hallway, notice the interactions that are so common to that building and community that they don’t give anyone a second thought.

I could be there to drop off an envelope and I’ll still notice everything.

  • the color on the walls
  • the organization of the space
  • the signs on the wall
  • student work
  • the master schedule
  • the interactions
  • the teaching and learning
  • the food
  • the tables
  • where people are

You name it and I soak it up.  It’s how I learn, grow and change as an educator and has been one of the most powerful tactics I’ve used to improve my own practice.

Recently I visited a school for thirty minutes.  I observed a coding club the school had incorporated.

Thirty minutes.

In thirty minutes I absorbed so much information about this practice that I filled three pages in my notebook after I left.  Visiting, asking questions and sharing…it’s how I learn.


17 thoughts on “Look…Listen…Learn #TWTBlog

  1. I like how as an administrator you are always learning and capturing your thoughts in a notebook. That is excellent modeling for your staff, Michael. I gladly followed you on Twitter. If you are free, please join me and the other mods on #NYEDChat for a conversation about reflective educators. I am sure you will enjoy the convo on 11.16.15 at 8:00 pm.

  2. Love this! The best part of my job is that I get to visit so many schools — I am always learning! I love the way you pieced together the podcast. Hearing the combination of teacher voices, administrators, and the kids is just beautiful.

  3. Where and how did you learn to write in such short, powerful spurts? It’s very effective…especially for this Slice of Life format and sooooooo different from the way I write. I think I’ll look, listen and learn something from you by reading your posts!

  4. Your school is lucky to have you! Observing, noting, and blogging, too! I feel the same way about visits to other schools (though they are probably more rare for me) – always so much to learn and absorb. Thanks for sharing!

  5. This is what I love about getting out and about and observing my pre-service teachers–visiting schools, looking, listening, noticing. Amazing what you can glean about a school culture from even a few minutes spent in the halls. The schools I like best are not always the most obvious choices, but there is an energy there and a contentment and happiness in kids that’s visible to an outsider.

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