Everybody’s a Writer In Our House

This past summer I had the joy of going to a Writer’s Workshop week at Teacher’s College in NYC.  It was one of the single most impactful week’s in my professional life in many ways.  The one thing that it did more than anything else was jumpstart the concept of being a writer…telling stories…sharing…and how all of that fits into my life, both as school and beyond.  Recently I’ve really connected with this seeing both my gals writing all the time at home.  But it’s more than that…they are constantly looking at different ways to tell their stories…through video, photos, drawing, and writing.  It’s been a pretty incredible journey.

Last night my oldest had the chance to read one of her pieces at a community event.  It was a WAY bigger deal than I think my wife and I had anticipated.  We both said after that our own hearts were beating like mad as she walked up the podium to read…and she nailed it.  Amazing moment for us all on many levels and of course, we couldn’t be prouder…more for her willingness to share her story than anything else.


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