Two School Visits, Tons of Learning

Recently I had the chance to visit Browns River Middle School to see how they are supporting students in the National Novel Writing Month initiative.  Seeing 80 plus middle schoolers all working on their own writing pieces in the library was pretty inspiring and very exciting.  More powerful than just the seeing all those students writing was the actual student interviews.  I’m working on a second podcast that features just the interviews (cause there were a lot), but for now you can hear a few in the first part of the podcast.  Every single student I interviewed said that the most powerful part of the project was that they get freedom in their writing.  Something to remember.

The second visit was to Jericho Elementary to see their Math Mentors program, which I’ve already mentioned in a previous post.  Just a great little snippet of this big success at the end of this podcast.

Both visits have already impacted planning in my own practice and I’m very excited to follow up with more questions and visits.


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