Vlog Challenge for Students, Thanks @CaseyNeistat For the Inspiration

We do a lot of videos at our school…not because we think videos are cool or that we crave self-promotion…it’s all about connections…sharing what we’re doing so we can reach beyond the walls of our classrooms and school…and the outcomes are amazing.
Recently @kblefrancois and I have been talking about @CaseyNeistat‘s vlogs and how powerful this medium is for connecting and sharing opinions, lifestyles, etc.  The second part of the conversation is student voice.  Our students have amazing perspectives and how to we encourage that voice and also amplify that voice.  After a lot of discussion we centered on a student vlogging challenge.  Each week a student is given a camera and a mission: share your life…however you want.  During the week we check in and plan a bit, but it was important to us that this wasn’t about editing skills, but about sharing their life however they might want to.
When footage is collected it’s shared with me, I upload it to editing software and kind of rough it out.  Then, on Friday the student vlogger meets with me and we add the finishing touches as they would like it.  We’ve only done one so far, but wow.  I can’t tell you the power of seeing this student seize the experience.  When I asked our first vlogger what she was feeling after her vlog was done she said, “I feel really proud that people know about me.”  Wow.

Oh, and the second part of the deal is that for every vlog they do, I have to do one based on something they want to know about my life.  This week the vlogger asked me to share what I do after school…so here’s my vlog!

@CaseyNeistat…you may never know how much you influenced this idea…but thank you.


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