Student Vlogging Project 002…Amazing! #vted

This is the second week of the @kblefrancois and @principalberry vlogging challenge…and it is amazing.  I don’t think that either @kblefrancois or I thought that this project would have the impact on us that it has.  I don’t mean that we didn’t think it was going to be great, but it’s just stunning what we’re seeing from students…genuine connections to the world beyond, storytelling strategies, conversations about design, and just incredible moments that make you smile in so many ways.
As the details of the challenge dictate for every student vlog I have to do a vlog as well.  The student vlogger for the week gets to pick out a time of day for me to vlog about…and this week the choice was  FIRST THING IN THE MORNING.  Fair warning…some serious bed-head in this vlog!

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