Next Student Vlogger Up

This is our fourth student vlog and just when I think we’ve encountered everything along this journey, something new crops up.  This student had some very particular ideas around the beginning of his video.  In particular, he was very interested in the timing of the music with the skiing right up to the camera moment.  The most striking thing to me was that he wasn’t interested in the flash of that whole thing, instead he was fixed on the concept of having a strong opening to engage the audience.  The crossovers to our work in writing and reading are incredible and continue to amaze me as we work on this.  Super great stuff…really excited for this week’s vlogger!
As with every week that the students create a vlog I am challenged to vlog about an aspect of my life.  This week the student asked me to vlog what I do during the day.  The exact quote was, “Mr. Berry…what is it you do during the day?”  I will say this was one of my most challenging vlogs to make, just thinking about how to convey the things I do during the day…not always easy, but it was powerful for me to think about how to share what I do with students.


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