Connect Scholars With Experts…Even Stormtroopers @GeekMtnState #vted #starwars

Every year our Librarian, @bethredford ,and our Enrichment Teacher, @DarcieRankin, lead our fourth grade scholars through Capstone Projects.  Capstones are designed learning experiences celebrating scholar choice.  Students choose topics of interest to them and design their learning experience around that.  Whenever possible a main component of the research process within the Capstone experience is to connect with an expert…and we try to facilitate this in any way we can.
This year the topics were as amazing as ever.  One scholar really showed an interest in the design and costume elements present in the Star Wars movies…so through some local connections and some amazing kindness on the part of @GeekMtnState…we invited a Stormtrooper to visit with our scholar.  Above you’ll find a condensed video of the interview and below the full version…cause I’m almost certain some Star Wars fans will be genuinely interested in learning along with our scholar!  Oh, and I apologize for my momentary lapses of excitement during the video…you’ll occasionally hear me getting excited about some of the Star Wars trivia and just the awesomeness of having a full Stormtrooper suit in my office.


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