Student Vlogger 006: Values, Sharing and Dogs

 This is our sixth student vlogger.  Every single time I’m impacted by the power of this experience.  I may have to try to video the process and conversations that lead to this finished product.  It’s just amazing to see and learn so much more about our students.   For example, the above vlogger…it was incredible to see and feel how important his dog is to him.  It allowed me to see something that I don’t normally get to see when we’re at school (the dog hasn’t come to school!).  And then there’s the conversations and design that we go through putting his story together…where he tells me another little bit of information, smiles and let’s me know how much that dog means to him.  Amazing experience.
Oh, and of course…with every student vlog I have to create my own vlog…so here we go:

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