Nothing Like Some Sport Stacking To Bring Everyone Together

When @RESPEVT  first started planning this event I don’t think either of us were sure what to expect.  We knew it would be great, but I don’t think we knew how great.  This is one of those events where the playing field is leveled…everyone can access this at a level that makes it fun, competitive and amazing.  I saw students show a level of confidence unseen in the past, families laughing and working together, educators from surrounding schools smiling and having a great time…all of it…just amazing.  It made me think a lot about the opportunities we have students and how we can work to level the accessibility and open up our communities to experiential success!
I think this is just the beginning of our work in bringing events and experiences like this to our scholars.  Just amazing in every way and a very exciting way to celebrate the weekend!
Oh, and I also thought it was important to include the bonus footage.  Showing our educators being themselves and having fun is just invaluable as an organization and a community!

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