It’s Virtually Reality!? #googleexpeditions

Thanks to @tndvt and@darcierankin, along with the help of @cesutechk8, we were able to host Google Expeditions at our school. Scholars in elementary and middle school grades walked into the room, saw these innocent enough devices sitting on the table…and young or old…they all reacted the same way the first time they put them up to their eyes…with pure wonderment.
I’ve been reading about these devices and have tried them out myself many times, but it’s still an awesome experience to be in the room when you get that audible gasp from the whole room as Everest looms in front of the scholars.  It made me think a lot about how we can make opportunities like this more than just a once a year experience for our students.  Maybe that starts with small steps, or large.  Either way it’s time to figure it out.

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