Celebrating the Arts…And Taking a Risk

Last night we had a lot going on at school…but it was a lot of awesome!  We’ve always held an Art and Concert night to celebrate our young artists and musicians, but this year we wanted to change things up a bit.
Our art exhibits were spread throughout the hallways in our third and fourth grade wing…and to see this sea of colors and design was more powerful than can be shown by any picture or video, but let’s just say that it was breathtaking.  #thekimaucter helps our scholars see the world with artist’s eyes everyday…so amazing.
And our concert…well…here’s the story.  For years we’ve held this concert at the middle school in the gym because it was the only space large enough to accommodate the crowd.  Every year these concerts were amazing BUT the gym didn’t always serve us the best…hot, crowded…etc.  The music teacher, @chrisarthurvt, and I have been talking for years about hosting an outdoor concert…it is Vermont, afterall.  At first the logistics of the whole thing seemed a little overwhelming but we pushed through and I have to say…it was exceptional.  Words, video, pictures…they don’t do it justice, but just trust me…if you have the means, hearing student music outside…it’s the way to go.

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